Jens Hvalsøe

The purpose of this website:

It is to inform you about Temprana as well as teach methods which will significantly improve your child in so many ways.

As the father of a disabled boy I have created this site. Not to tell Peters story, but to be of help to parents, yes families who live with a similar challenge as we do. I will try to give concrete advice and demonstrate how you significantly can improve your chances for a successful training.


And here I must emphasize, that Temprana is the key factor to achieve the best results, but traditional training and exercise must not be forgotten.


Our family consists of our 5 year old son Peter (with CP- tetraplegia), my wife Lene, who is a nurse, and two grown up “big sisters”. I teach at Skanderborg Secondary School, primarily in mathematics, geography and sports/swimming. I have also a certificate as a bricklayer. We live in our own- disability furnished house in Skanderborg. We have an active social life with family and friends, and Peter attends kindergarten daily.


As a teacher I am used to seek and pass on information, and on this site I wish to inform you about some of the things which are important to pay attention to in the everyday exercising and stimulation of the child.


So let us get going! “SPEED UP NOW”


If you are a small group wishing to hear more about Temprana and the results achieved, I might be able to visit you and help you get started. You are welcome to write or call for details.


Yours sincerely Jens Hvalsøe


Lone Sørensen Telling about educational possibilties. Further information please.


Do you want to know more!

Please contact me by facebook or send sms to + 45 26 62 75 44.

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Lone Sørensen´s personel background.

A very personel story, Watch it!




For further information send sms to my mobile +45 26 62 75 44 or mail Lone Sørensen by

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Lone Sørensen answers questions.

I e-mailed some questions to Barcelona- asking about the background of the Temprana method. Three videos were returned. Here you can hear Lone Sørensen talk about the Temprana therapy, and on one of them Lone tells about her personal background and how she was introduced to parts of the therapy in Argentina.

Some useful links

Video “Baby care” which you can use regardless of the childs age. It shows you how to give your child a gentle and soothing massage. I used it to prepare Peter so he became accustomed to touching of his face before we went to the first examinations.

See what Temprana therapy has achieved in Oman, this video is from December 2012. At this time my curiosity had already been awakened by a video from June 2012, and now with this video my curiosity turned into action..

And then a pleasant video about “Mother care”..looking forward to a “Father care” as well:-)!


Vi er klar

We are ready to speed up now….. what about you?


A short summary

  • How can I make a difference for my child?
  • Understand your situation and the basic terms.
  • What can I specifically do?
  • Professional and educational qualifications.
  • Notify you here on this site
  • Study the links, they are selected with care.
  • Are you ready to start?
  • GDGNU is also on facebook and youtube