Peter - english


A few selected events with Peter.


Before we started the treatment with Temprana, Peter was losing some of his physical skills. He stopped creeping and lost strength on Joba-horse, even though we trained with him every day.

In this update are examples of skills which Peter has devoloped a lot.


See the progress in relation to:

- Language development.

- Stand funktion.

- Horse Riding

- Creep .... training on the floor.

December 2014 - 2 years

with Temprana rehabilitation

November 14. "Hiding fun" 2014.

Peter’s general conditions has been boosted in a positive direction since start with Temprana Reflex therapy.


- Peter climbs quickly, far and in all directions - about 400 meters per. week.

He turns into all directions and creeps after "Lightning Mc Queen" into every room of the house.


- The language development is very good. In particular vocabulary and tempo has developed. In addition, there also come much more strength in his voice. Further, the latency is significantly reduced when Peter is in known surroundings.


- Peter is now in a more upright position. The improved seating position has led to Peter temporary need a little support.


- Peter has with his left hand achieved greater mobility and usability. Gradually being used more consciously active instance. On JOBA horse he now uses it holding and in other everyday situations.


- Peter muscles is now strengthened so much that he sits without thorax-tension in his Electric wheelchair.


Peters enjoys very much being able to move from A to B by him self..The increased body awareness gives Peter currage for new challenges and playing. It is a very welcome development which is inspiring for all of us.

January 2014 - Language

26th December 2013. Christmas song.


A year ago before we started the Temprana treatment Peter´s language was slowly developing. He managed short sentences, when he was in known and familiar surroundings. Whereas his reserves seemed to fail when he felt insecure or with strangers, then he found it difficult to express himself. The latency varied, but were often long.


During the first 6 months with Temprana Peters power of speech has according to the speech therapist developed remarkably. It is clear to all that Peter speaks “faster” and with more strength uses many more words and manages longer sentences, and he is not so easy put off, when in unfamiliar surroundings.


Late summer this excellent development was further supported by the fact that Peter has been moved from special kindergarten in to a regular kindergarten group.

This change has been made possible due to gradually increased sturdiness and reduced sensitivity as well as visible development.

15th January 2013. Practice to stand on his feet.


During the past year Peter has become more steady and more at ease standing for a short while, unaided by grown-ups, at his Petö-ladder. This ladder is used in the bathroom. Peter likes standing and we can count slowly up towards 50 before he asks for support.


During the last few months there have been small signs of beginning possibilities of controlling the hips and buttocks.

One thing is sure: The Temprana treatment continues in 2014 :-)

Riding 2013 - January 2014

29th September 2013. "Independent" riding on Joba-horse


Developments in the balance, endurance and strength, Peter can now ride on the Joba-horse for up to 30 min. “on his own”. Please note that Peter is not supported by the rather primitive harness, a kind of fall protection. It is there to support him if he should lose his balance and fall. There is always a grown up next to him or behind Peter when he rides.

The homemade lift solution, is for safety reasons NOT recommended to others.


January 2014:

The positive progress on the Joba-horse, continues month by month.


10th August 2013.Easier to ride with Peter.


As Peter previously was in need of lots of support when he rode on the Joba-horse, is was only his father who had the strength to sit behind him during the training.


But now after Peter’s body has gained much more strength and balance others as well can ride with him.


Here grandfather is sitting behind Peter.

Listen to what was grandfather says after 10 minutes. ..... and the same was told again, when they had been riding 30 minutes together!

20th January 2013. "After" - riding on Joba


It may look a little comical that I flutter my hands, but it is hard to believe wht just happened, it is nearly a sensation.


Since 30 September 2010, Peter has trained regularly on the Joba-horse. At no time have we performed this - specially not the last six months.

2 December 2012. "Before" - riding on Joba


It is of great importance that Peter is well supported by my hands all during his training on the horse. He very often loses his balance and must be caught and steadied back to balancing again.


Note that my hands at times turn white, it happens when Peter need extra support.


The video was taken on a day when Peter rode well.


Creeping 2013 - January 2014

25th December 2013. Rolling LEFT shoulder.

24th november 2013. Standing on his knee.

26th October 2013. Rolling from stomach to his back.

Training on the floor - January 2014


Peter’s motivation, joy and desire to move are a pleasure to watch. He is now testing and experimenting and has a much increased awareness of his movements. His enthusiasm to move and use his body is easy to see, and he now creeps 100- 120 meters a week. One day he crept from his room into the living room and back again. Total around 22 meters.


The 3 videos above shows the "Roll from stomach to back" and "Stand on his knees" and "Roll over LEFT shoulder."


They are brand new skills having occurred at Peters own initiative.


It must be added that Peter is most spastic in his left side. Therefore his development rolling on this side is really impressive


A few days ago Peter called us with a big smile "Watch me I am reversing"! He was creeping backwards :-)


After - June 2013

At the big black cross Peters program is changed. After a few weeks Peter began to creep. He wants to.

Peter wakes in the morning and says, "Dad we shall creep together .....". After a few more weeks 29 lines can be seen in the column disgned to creep. Each line means that Peter has creept 2 meters. The record so far is 72 meters during one week.


When Peter was little we trained him in rolling from back to stomach on a hard flat floor, and he could also creep a bit, but he lost the ability to do so long before we were introduced to the Temprana therapy. Now he has recovered the abilities, he creeps and rolls so it is a joy to watch.

Before - June 2012

Peter can when strongly motivated creep a few meters. After the summer holidays 2012 Peter stopped creeping because Peter could not anymore. The ability to roll independently was at this time lost already lost. On the picture you can see how the column which registrates creep, is completely empty week after week.