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  • Simple
  • Easy to grasp
  • You can start immediately.
  • Relaxing treatmant
  • Social togetherness.
  • Exellent effective.


  • Jens Hvalsøe, 44 years old, teacher and father.
  • Many years of teaching experience.
  • Peter Hvalsøe. 5 years old. CP - tetraplegi
  • Positive approach to life.
  • Together we have over 5 years´ experience of training in stimulating his movements.


For you who want to train and stimulate your child, so it makes a significant difference.

Use TEMPRANA in combination with traditional stimulation of movements training.

How am I going to train, and what should I know about it?


There are surely many asking these questions, hoping for an answer. That is precisely why I created this site.

I hope that you through the following information will become aware of the possibilities Temprana gives you, and that it will inspire you to use it, as an important part of your child´s daily treatment.


To the right is a video showing a small session of Temprana treatment.


To highlight the significant difference, which Temprana treatment has done to our Peter, there is here a video cut with Peter training on his electronic horse in time before his Temprana treatments and then after. Note that the cut “after” is dated 20 January only a few weeks after starting Temprana. Since then a lot more has happened.


Furthermore there is a video cut taken on my return from a parental course, where we learned how to treat Peter. Here I am telling what thoughts I was filled with after having been taught Peters individual programme.


The last video cut is from a real lovely day with Peter, and there has been many since.


As it is made evident in the page about “Training”, we continue to practice the traditional stimulation of movement exercises together with the Temprana therapy.


It is important to remember that Temprana Reflex Therapy also has shown stunning results in other cases than Spasticity (CP). Please follow the link in the blue box to the right, watch the video and read more.


Jens Hvalsøe

December 2012. Before Peter started Temprana treatment – riding on Joba.


It is constantly necessary to support Peter, as he very easy looses balance.

This video was made one day, when he rode well.







January 2013. Just home from a Temprana course. (DK)


This video cut is unfortunately very dark, but here are my thoughts, plans and hopes for the future after having been tutored and having had a Temprana treatment myself.

January 2013. After Peter has had Temprana treatment – riding on Joba.


Seems a bit comical that I am fluttering my hands: I am just so excited, as it is hard to believe, how well Peter is doing.


Since 30. September 2010 he has trained on this “horse”, but he has never been able to manage on his own like this. It was simply a sensation..


How he has developed since- click here.


January 2013. A realy lovely day. (DK)


On this video I talk about a very special day with Peter. And much more has happened since then :-)


English - More pages will be translated in the future.


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15-6-2013 Peter june 2013 (english)

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A short video showing how the treatment with Temprana is done.


As a part of the Temprana course all participants receive a Temprana treatment. When I felt the effect of the treatment on my own body I really understood its potential.


The individualized program for our son takes approx... 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is both good and pleasant togetherness for both of us.



For further information send sms to my mobile +45 26 62 75 44 or mail Lone Sørensen by mail


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Do you want to hear about others experiences?

I (We) would have liked to have had the opportunity to listen to others experiences with Temprana, when it was all new to us. Since then I have been out interviewing, and you can just click to listen.

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Toys that can be controlled with only one hand. In special together with the robot we have had a lot of fun.