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Temprana is fantastic and effective and also a very comfortable treatment to combine with persistent movement training.

Training – Getting started

On this page you will find a presentation of Temprana compared to traditional training. What works and why. You will also find information about benefits and risks, as well as opportunities and limitations. You will find a list to the right with instructions and ideas about how to get started. It is a good idea with practical timetables, they are useful tools, and on this site you have one of ours, which might be of inspiration to you.


Let me briefly tell you about some of the things we already know.

Training and exercise work. It is proven by science that movement and exercise affect the brains plasticity. It means that when you move, when you train and exercise signals are sent to the brain about this activity. And the brain will then on its own try to control the movement as well as possible, and so to obtain the best results you have to train persistently over a long period.


Training as we traditionally know it consists of stimulation through movements, movement upon movement. For a body, which has difficulties moving, this is a very tough challenge. But in return these physical exercises give a significant “bonus”. The overall stimulation of the brain which this training brings is lasting, which cannot be expected regarding the physical results, which you risk losing with time. A lot also depends on your child’s disability and the degree of it. But one thing is sure, successful results depend on your discipline and endurance training and exercising your child.


We have during the past years practised daily movement training with Peter, and we can see how he benefits from it in so many ways physically as well as mentally. And we will of course continue stimulating our son with exercises.


Here you have some of the exercises we have been through and still use more or less daily (duration of 30 min. if possible).


- Stand in stand tripod.

- Creep and roll.

- Riding on Joba-horse (Peter goes to "real" riding 1 hour a week as well)

- Sitting cross-leged.

- Walking in "NF Walker".

- Swing.


There may be limits to how much all this activates the brain, but as already said, we really do see improvements.

We all have to consider how we best find time for training and treatment. At what hours is our child most alert and ready to take part? How can we combine training with our own working hours? How much can your child and you cope with, and if the child is not well, what then? The need of a certain routines, time, place and “coach” needs planning. Both child and “coach” must be ready to do their best during the training.

How much you can stimulate the brain through training of movements depends on many things.


Now - with Temprana we can do much more!

Does it sound too good to be true? Fortunately it is true.


Temprana treats the brain directly through stimulation of face, feet and hands. You can read much more about this on Temprana´s international website. Just follow the link in the blue box to the right.


At the Temprana course you will get a first hand experience of how fantastic this treatment is, and you will understand why it is so extremely effective, and how your child will be helped and strengthened during these treatments, which go directly to the brain.


All this offers some unique advantages.


- Gentle and smooth massage. Nice to give and pleasant to receive.

- Can be performed while you are awake (listening to music) . But also when you are relaxing or even sleeping.

- It develops and even increases significantly the potential which is available.

- It can be done in stages, at different times during the day.

- It is easy to learn, so you will be able to help each other with the treatment.

- It can be given even if the child is ill, as it is so enjoyable and relaxing..


It was a coincidence that we got to know about this fantastic and efficient as well as flexible treatment called Temprana. A treatment from which we already have harvested results. And with all this in mind I am creating this web site so many more will hear about it and your child and many others will have the possibility of Temprana treatment and achieve a remarkable better functional level.



How often shall treatment be given, and for how long?

well there is a big difference regarding how often a treatment should be given, and how long it should last. It all depends.


Children with dysfunctions, which are not brain damaged, or syndromes like dyslexia and problems with learning can go for treatments once or twice a week over a short period, so you as a parent do not need to learn to give the treatment, though it is an option of course.


For other indications there will be a request of regular treatments. The final amount depends on individual need and wishes. May be you can get an idea about what will suit you by clicking on “Experiences” or on Facebook, maybe you will find some who has an experience similar to yours.


You are also welcome to contact me: , sms: +45 26 62 75 44

or you can mail Lone Sørensen: .


In our family we have an almost daily program what training and treatment is concerned. The Temprana treatment alone lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. As a reward for this targeted and persistent effort Peter has shown marked improvement and continues to do so. For us it is a sensation, but you have to be prepared to Speed up now (GDGNU), and “keep speeding”, as “nothing comes from nothing”!


Who can benefit?

Children /persons with Autism, ADHD, Epilepsy syndromes and Spasticity (CP)

Experience show that the sooner you get started the greater the yield.


GDGNU is the name of this site, and a direct call to


"GivDenGasNu”= Speed up now.



In the autumn 2012 I was not at all certain, that Temprana treatment could significantly change the functional level of my 5 year old son. A well stimulated, well trained, persevering and smart little boy, whose potential through training and stimulation were brightly out folded, well understood and known.


But I promised myself to document it, as an inspiration to others, if we managed to reach results like those on the video from Oman.


Peter does of course not walk like on the video from Oman, but knowing how much Temprana has done for our son over quite a short time I feel very lucky and grateful, and it has given me energy to make this website to inform others in similar situations like ours and inspire them to give Temprana a chance. I hope that you - will help sharing - with families not yet knowing about Temprana therapy.


A treatment which consists of nice massage, a pleasure to receive and great to give. It gives fantastic results and it could easily prove, that it is the best gift you have ever given.


Have a look at this, and do please remember. We started Temprana therapy up early 2013



Speed up now


Speed up now


Speed up now



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View all videos from this site. I would like to make a short video with you as well. It can provide inspiration to other families. Please contact me.


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The treatment can be performed while sleeping/resting. This often happens when big sister once in a while gets a massage :-)


  • Where are we? What is your child able to now, what do you think possible in time to come, and what can you not imagine … write it down.
  • Print fitness formula from this site out, and copy it for own use.
  • Book time for pre counceling, and use the small “start” programme (link in blue box)+ nice massage as a kind of “getting used to".
  • Prepare your self.
  • You are starting.
  • You keep going :-)

Remember to

  • Maintain focus
  • Be aware
  • Be considerate
  • Be flexible
  • Be the adult
  • Be patient
  • Eat well and get your sleep. It really is important, as a lot is demanded of you.


Start with this small program. It is a good introduction.


Click here


Learn more about Temprana on this international website.


Click here



An old video.

First “crawl” down the home built ramp. Then a roll. In those days Peter did roll, but he does not do it now. Unfortunately skills which you have learned can be lost again, even though you train intensely.


It can be disappointing, but such are the terms at times.


15-6-2013 New sensationel development - click here to see



Stand tripod - notice PC controlling devices

NF Walker

NF Walker - Training walking moves.


Possibility to come around on his own.